Zelfruit was first discovered in LY 372, on Jump Isle, which is still the sole region where zelfruit trees are grown. It is believed the trees could grow just as well in most other tropical regions, but due to a local law passed the year after the founding of Jump Village, they may not be exported (though the fruit produced by the trees can be). The entire fruit is edible, including its skin. The fruit has a unique flavor, which is at once sweet, mildly sour, tart, and somewhat zesty. When ripe the fruit is yellow in color, and it is shaped like a triangular prism (aside from the shape, it is said to be almost identical in nature to a Terran starfruit, a fruit which is not currently known to exist on The Land). The zelfruit may be eaten raw, made into a jelly sandwich spread, gelato, or made into a syrup to flavor various foods or drinks. It is also sometimes made into a wine called "zelvin."

The majority of zelfruit orchards are owned by the clan currently headed by Rocher Zelcorner.

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