Elven male, born LY 863, in Woodstockade. Husband of Gema; father of Robin, Phoebe, Rosalie, Emma, and Xavier. Rear admiral in the Navy.

Zarrin Des'Lossin ( 'zâr·in dĕs'lōs·sin) knew from an early age that he wanted to be an adventurer, and prior to rejoining human society during the Coming of the Order, for most elves that meant becoming sailors. Which is exactly what he did, when he turned 15. Also from an early age, his best friend was a girl named Gema; when he was 17 and she was 14, their friendship blossomed into romance. They married two years later. And in 883, they had their first child, a son named Robin. Their daughters Phoebe, Rosalie, and Emma were born in 885, 890, and 894, respectively. Their son Xavier was born in 897.

After Durell contacted the elves in 901, Zarrin and Gema (who were 38 and 35 at the time) were among the supporters of the movement in Woodstockade to join The Order in their implementation of The Plan. Aside from encouraging many of their friends and acquaintances that it was a good idea, Gema used her position as a banker to help raise funds, some of which were in turn used to help form an army and navy. Meanwhile, Zarrin became a captain in Woodstockade's navy, and was involved in a few battles. He commanded the newly-built cruiser-class Roderick's Revenge, which became the flagship of the Woodstockade fleet. After the war, he retained his position as captain, though his position was somewhat diminished by the assignment of a rear admiral, Garrett Bridgebuilder, to serve on the Roderick's Revenge while commanding the entire Woodstockade fleet. In spite of some initial tension, Garrett soon won the respect of his crew, as well as the friendship of Zarrin.

In 912, Zarrin's ship was involved in the Chaos War, initially on the side loyal to Demos Royal. However, when he learned that his daughter, Emma Pseud, was on board an enemy ship he'd been ordered to fire upon in the Battle of West Ocean, Zarrin and the majority of his crew mutinied against Garrett, and turned the ship back to its home port. They didn't join the battle against Demos's forces, but simply refused to take any further part in the war, on either side. The following year, Zarrin was promoted by Marshal Poss Primus to rear admiral of the Woodstockade fleet. However, he also retained his position as captain of the Roderick's Revenge, believing it would be less potentially problematic than sharing command with a new captain.

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