The World Council is the governing body of First Nation (formerly known as the Second Order). It consists of three branches (all of which are located in First Village). The Executive branch consists of a single monarch, the supreme ruler of the country (and the only government official who is voted upon by citizens of every village rather than individual villages), who oversees all matters of state, and to whom the Marshal of the Military directly reports. The Legislative branch, or Congress, consists of High Councillors who have been elected by the citizens of each village. (High Councillors should not be confused with Chief Councillors, who are the heads of the local councils of each village.) The Congress drafts propositions which are then sent to the Judicial branch, or High Court, which votes on whether or not to pass propositions into laws. The Congress also oversees various departments which are responsible for governing the day to day functions of the country's infrastructure.

On Coming's End Day (see Holidays of the Land), 29 Aut'yet, LY 903, the court system began working out the details of the structure of the government that was to be established for the new country. The most basic aspects were already understood, that is, that there were to be three branches, but the precise nature of each branch had yet to be determined. The details were finally completed on New Order Day, 8 Win'yet, 904, when the courts voted the structure they had designed into effect. For about two years prior to this point, there had been campaigns underway for various governmental positions, but it was only after New Order Day that it was clear exactly how many positions there would actually be, and what their duties would entail. The first election was held six months later, on 8 Su'yet. Six months after that, on 8 Win'yet, 905, the first inaugurations were held, and the World Council began functioning for the first time.

In 913, in the Secession Referendum, five villages chose to secede from the Second Order. Some have suggested that because of this, the government of the Second Order should change its designation, as it no longer truly represents the entire world. However, as of yet there are no plans to do so.

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