The Woodstockade Philharmonic is an orchestra which formed in LY 850, concurrently with Woodstockade establishing its village council. There have been several generations of musicians who played in the orchestra since that time. It is said that Demos Royal was inspired by the Woodstockade Philharmonic to establish his own Royal Orchestra in 905.

The existence of the Philharmonic would have been impossible if not for the fact that when Roderick was banished in 773, he assembled a veritable library of books on as many subjects as he could, to bring with him and the First 50 Elves, to help them create their own society, when they found a new land in which to settle. One of these books included instructions for making and playing various instruments. However, over the years, some elves would invent their own instruments, such as the duré (in 775) and the hautbas (in 793). These instruments would not be known by human society until the elves rejoined them in 903.

It is interesting to note that while the Philharmonic was not the first classical orchestra on the Land, the elves could not have known of such music being played in human society, as that was first done in 801, nearly three decades after the elves' banishment. However, since the reintegration of elves into human society, the invention of the hautbas has been considered an important step in making such music come closer than ever before to the classical music of Earth. However, the Woodstockade Philharmonic doesn't include all of the instruments used by human orchestras, instead utilizing certain other instruments which render their sound more unique. They are also known for music which comes closer to Earth's "folk" music, particularly that of a country called Ireland.

The makeup of the Woodstockade Philharmonic includes two fifes, two hautbases, two bodhráns, two violins, one harp, two durés, one ocarina, and two mandolins.

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