Woodstockade is the sixteenth village founded on The Land, in LY 773. It is situated on the easternmost point of the Isle of Freedom at roughly 10° south latitude and 143° east longitude. Its population as of the 905 census was 6214 elves. Its current Chief Councillor is Castor Des'Eller.

Woodstockade was settled by the First 50 Elves, and their creator, Roderick, after being banished by Grand Sorreter Cazzul earlier that year. They apparently made a good life for themselves there, and their race flourished in spite of complete isolation from mankind. Most people on the Land didn't even know of the existence of elves, much less Woodstockade, until the Coming of the Order, when they were located and contacted by Durell of Sorret, who convinced them to join the war on the side of the Order. After the war, Woodstockade became one of the original 20 villages of the Second Order in 904, though even before that, in 903, elves began integrating into human society in various ways, including sending a liaison to represent their village in InterVil. Since the war, a number of elves have emigrated to human villages, as well as humans emigrating to Woodstockade. Also, while merfolk have never been considered to reside in any specific village, but merely West Ocean or First Sea, some of them have migrated closer to Woodstockade since the war. Most trade between Woodstockade and other villages consists of art of various kinds, as the need for more practical goods and services have always been met within Woodstockade for its sake and human villages for their sake. However, both races have taken a fair degree of interest in each other's history and culture since integration began.

People who live in Woodstockade are referred to as "Stockadians."