Human female, born LY 880, in Triscot. Daughter of Basil and Dora; niece of Garrett. InterVil liaison (910-?)

Willow comes from a clan of structural engineers and architects, who are among the most respected builders of buildings and other structures in Triscot. Her father, Basil, was the head of the team that constructed the Triscot River Bridge, beginning the same year Willow was born. This is what led the clan to choose the surname "Bridgebuilder," in 904.

Willow herself joined the Triscot police department in 899, at the age of 19. This was the same year that gangs began expanding their operations, which prompted the establishment of InterVil. She saw that police would become more important than ever before, and believed that a career in law enforcement could prove very rewarding on both a personal level, and in terms of prestige. She worked her way up to deputy chief of her district by 905, and when her village's first InterVil liaison retired in 910, she was selected by police chief Keith Arresting to replace him. It is understood by Willow's friends, family, and many of her colleagues, that she aspires to someday become Commissioner of Police.

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