West Ocean was discovered in LY 271, by the settlers of Sorret. It lies to the west of First Land and Near Land, as well as bordering Atlast Land and surrounding the Isle of Freedom. Port villages on West Ocean include Sorret, Woodstockade, and Shanty, as well as the now-abandoned Temporaneous (which lies on the border of West Ocean and East Ocean).

West Ocean is home to 8,007 merfolk, as of the 905 census. In the Secession Referendum of 913, the inhabitants of West Ocean voted to become sovereign. Since then, they have maintained close ties with the merfolk of First Sea, as well as diplomatic relations with First Nation, the United Villages of the Chaos, and the sovereign village of Sorret.

While the entire ocean is often thought of by humans and elves as a single village, it actually consists of a number of communities, the first and largest being Aquaton, which is just three miles off the coast of Sorret. While the First 50 Merfolk spent most of their time there for at least two decades, the area wasn't thought of as a village or given the name Aquaton until 833. In 903, a community called Nautica was founded off the coast of Shanty, to serve as base for the West Ocean regiment of the Marine Corps. In 904, after the Coming of the Order, a new settlement was founded five miles off the coast of Woodstockade, called Freewater.

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