Human male, born 24 Las'mo', LY 880, in Triscot, to Putt and Laina. Brother of Alyn, Lance, and Lucia. Scientist and adventurer.

After spending most of his life studying under various masters in his home village, in 901 West moved to Tanq, the home of a fellow science student he had met while she was studying in Triscot. Both became prominent scientists in Tanq.

Sometime prior to the Battle of Triscot in 903, West's nephew, Darius, had gone to stay with him for awhile. So, the two of them were the only members of their clan to survive (or so it was believed, until 912). Darius chose the surname "Lonewander" in 904, and West went along with it, himself.

In 907, West married Pryza, though they dissolved their marriage in early 912.

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