Village councils are comprised of a group of councillors, one from each district, and are led by a Chief Councillor (not to be confused High Councillors). Councillors are elected for a term of three years. Chief Councillors are elected for the same term, but their own district will also have its own councillor; the Chief does not count as such. A village council deals with matters internal to its village, and sometimes may enact local laws, as long as they don't conflict with federal laws.

Before the establishment of the Second Order in LY 904, not only were the villages of The Land technically independent of one another, each attending to its own affairs, but very few of them actually had any organized type of local government. (For a list of exceptions, see Electoral Committee.) Even those few councils that did exist were not exactly political in nature, but rather existed to govern specific communities within their villages, either religious or magical. The one true exception was Woodstockade, the village founded by Elves in 773, after being exiled. They elected an Elf Chief to rule them, but it wasn't until 850 that they also began electing their own village council (which is understandable, considering how few elves there were, in the beginning). Every village had its own set of laws and its own police department (though these laws were largely the same from village to village), but other than that, saw no particular need for governance in the modern sense. On the rare occasions when matters arose of importance to the village as a whole, anyone who was interested in these matters would gather to vote on them. However, on 8 Su'yet, 904, the first worldwide elections were held, to elect representatives not only to the World Council, but also to each individual village. (Woodstockade's election day and electoral process were amended at the time to match that which was established for every village of the Second Order.) On 8 Win'yet, 905, the members of every village's council officially took office.

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