Human male, born 12 Aut'gin, LY 879, in Kimrin. Adventurer; Triumvir-Public.

Vallus was the first child to be born in Kimrin, not long after the village was founded. Little is known of his early years, but he left his home village in 901, at age 21, to begin a life of adventure. By that time, he already knew a bit of what The Order was doing in the Northern Alliance, and he didn't much care for it, but chose to basically ignore it. In 902, the public in the majority of The Land's villages began to learn bits and pieces of The Plan, but the Order left out some details, and perhaps spread some lies, as well. Vallus began to realize that what they were doing was more sinister than he'd first suspected, and began speaking out publicly about what he knew of the secrets they were trying to keep. Around this time, Vallus met a street rat named Tiejo, and began teaching him various skills. Around the same time, the Protestant Movement began in Plist, and Vallus soon met some of its leaders, becoming an important part of the opposition to the Plan. He helped encourage people to join armies the Protestants started raising to oppose the Coming of the Order, though it ultimately turned out that the Order had had too much of a head start in planning for such dissent. The Order won the war, and during the Battle of Triscot in 903, Vallus was apparently killed.

However, in 912, members of a group known as The Chaos (including Tiejo) were captured by the Army and imprisoned in a secret facility in Near Port. They later escaped, with the help of Stavros Supprus and a faction of the army which he led (in opposition to The Cabal). At the same time, the members of the Chaos learned that Vallus was himself a prisoner in the same facility, and he joined them in their escape. Vallus then assumed an important role in the Chaos War against Demos Royal and The Cabal, and after the founding of the United Villages of the Chaos in 913, became one its first Triumvir-Public. When it was decided that all citizens of the newly formed country should have surnames, Vallus chose "Orator," which was suggested by Darius Lonewander, who had been influenced by his speeches during the Coming.

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