The United Villages of the Chaos (or UVC, for short) is the second country to be established on The Land. Its villages include its capital, Triscot, along with Plist, Jump Village, and Tanq, the citizens of which voted in the Secession Referendum of LY 913 to secede from the Second Order. However, many think of the UVC as having begun in 912, when Triscot was seized by various factions working in conjunction with The Chaos, prior to the Chaos War. This, however, is inaccurate, as following the war, Darius Lonewander made a promise to King-elect Quinn Darkstrider that his people would recognize the government of the Second Order in Triscot until the Referendum of 913 showed the will of the village's people. After the country was founded, the newly settled villages of South Port and Freeport also voted to join the UVC.

In spite of Lonewander's original idea of abandoning government entirely throughout the world, he ultimately realized that the world could no longer function the way it once had, with every village being strictly independent of every other. So, he and his allies established a new country, with a new form of federal government. In place of the first country's single monarch at the head of the government, a triumvirate was established. And rather than a body such as First Nation's Congress, Lonewander thought it would be best to mostly just leave individual villages to govern themselves. The system is similar to the village councils of First Nation, though in the UVC each such council is known as a board of selectmen. Each village's board is headed by a Mayor, and on occasion all the Mayors of the UVC will convene in what's known as the Mayoral Assembly, which has powers somewhat similar to those of Congress. Election Day (see Holidays of the Land) is on 8 Su'yet, just as in First Nation. The first triumvirate was established in 913, consisting of Darius Lonewander, Alecstar Inco, and Vallus Orator. It was also determined that various agencies that have operated in all villages since the Coming of the Order or earlier, including police departments and InterVil, and to an extent the court system, would be recognized by the government of the UVC.

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