Enacted on 9 Su'yet, LY 904, by the court system, the Union Law established various regulations concerning unions, which had been growing in popularity over the past several years. The most prominent feature of the law was that it made it illegal to discriminate for or against prospective employees based on whether or not they belonged to a union. The law was designed to help both types of workers, as there were coming to be many companies which refused to hire anyone who didn't belong to a union (or who didn't agree to join as a condition of employment), but there were also a fair number of companies which continued to refuse to hire anyone who was a member of a union. Additionally, the law outlined fundamental guidelines which employers would have to follow in terms of pay and working conditions, as well as rules governing the manner in which unions would be legally allowed to fight for their members' rights. (While the law as it pertains to hiring practices applies only to businesses, and not to individuals or clans hiring their own personal employees, it did guarantee even such private employees the same rights in regard to pay and working conditions as it guaranteed anyone employed by a business or government.)

The law was passed largely because of the efforts of Pavel Leveler, who had been one of the candidates in the first federal election, as well as one of the most prominent union leader in the world. The law was actually inspired as a response both to the points he espoused as part of his campaign, which were accepted by many as right, and by points of his which many deemed wrong. (The law would support the good points and reject the bad.)

The law was passed by the United Villages of the Chaos, Sorret, and West Ocean in 914.

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