Ultimate Oblivion is a "death metal" band which formed in Kimrin in LY 910. It is considered by some to be part of the new wave of musical artists whose genres are based on those of 20th century Earth. However, the band enjoys a far smaller following than other new wave bands such as Black Radly and The Cephalopods, as its style is considerably louder and harsher, which most people find unappealing. However, its core audience are die-hard fans of the music, and believe that in the coming generations, death metal will become a more widely popular genre.

Members of the bandEdit

  • Nathan Deathshead: Lead singer and lyricist, born 882. His surname is taken from an organization in the graphic novel Oni (of which Nathan is reportedly a fan).
  • Brando July: Koto-player, born 880. His surname is taken from the Terran name for the month of Su'mo'. (The reason for this is unknown.)
  • Peter Cayenne: Drummer, born 887. (Claims to play every kind of drum on the Land, but mostly uses bass and snare.) His surname is taken from a variety of peppers. (Some of his clan left their native village of Tonad to move to Kimrin a few years before Peter was born. Those who remained behind continue the clan's generations-long occupation of farming cayenne peppers.)
  • Xedric Midnight: Majitar-player and sorcerer, born 887, in Woodstockade. The only member of the band not from Kimrin (and, of course, the only elf in the band). Former student of Guy Artisan, who he met in Shipsister in 908, after leaving his home village. He learned to construct and play the majitar from Artisan, and after meeting Nathan Deathshead when he traveled to Kimrin, was instrumental in founding Ultimate Oblivion. He used the spell of enchantment for the majitar on the band's other instruments, as well as inventing magic microphones in 911, believing the band's genre required as much volume as possible. While the band doesn't make much money for its music, sales of magic mics have made the band quite rich, particularly as the device was necessary, in conjunction with bubbles, for the creation of the public address system in 912. Xedric's clan were among those elves who began choosing surnames not directly based on the names of their ancestors, in one of the later generations, though the reason for their choice of "Midnight" is unknown.

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