Triscot river was discovered in LY 770, the first river to be discovered on Near Land. Its point of origin is Nearpoint Mountain, one of four mountains in a small range about 300 miles south of Triscot (which was itself founded on the west bank of the river the following year). It runs a mostly northward course for about 1900 miles, before emptying into West Ocean at roughly 41° north latitude and 138° west longitude. The river is bordered on the west by Triscot Forest. The Triscot River Bridge, just east of Triscot, was built between 880 and 882, initially for the use of anyone wishing to travel between Triscot and Kimrin without having to travel south from Triscot, to get around the river before heading north.

Triscot River's uses include powering a number of water mills, as well as being a source of fish, and transportation for woodsmen who work in some of the more distant reaches of Triscot Woods, or for miners or stonecutters who work in the South Triscot Mts. (including Nearpoint Mt.) The River is also known as a favored area for play by some of Triscot's youth who like pretending to be pirates. For several generations, the most prominent street gang in Triscot were the Buccaneers, which evolved into the local branch of LandOrder in 899. Since that time, the gang has essentially left the river alone, though some children still like to play pirates there (albeit without the intention of committing any actual piracy, as the Buccaneers used to occasionally do).

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