Triscot is the fifteenth village founded on The Land, in LY 771. It is situated on Near Land at roughly 25° north latitude (just outside the tropic zone) and 146° west longitude. Its population as of the 905 census was 24,926 humans and 75 elves. It lies on the western bank of the Triscot River, and is bordered to the north and south by the Triscot Forest, and it is roughly 200 miles east of the West Ocean. Its first Chief Councillor was Arthur Noblesse-Oblige (905-907, 908-910, 911-913). He was succeeded by Adam Lonewander (914-present), though his title has been changed to Mayor.

The village's founders were predominantly wealthy clans who were seeking to establish an upscale community for themselves, though of course there is also a sizable working class. Triscot has few exports, being a chiefly residential village, though it produces enough of most necessities to be largely self-sufficient. However, many inter-village companies (such as Lembas) are run from Triscot, because those companies' owners reside in the village. Triscot is therefore a vital center of the world economy.

In contrast to being known as one of the most peaceful and beautiful villages on the Land, Triscot is also remembered for the Battle of Triscot, the last major battle of the Coming of the Order. Not surprisingly, considering it was the last stronghold of the Protestant Movement during that war, it was the first village to secede from the Second Order, in 913, and now serves as the capital of the United Villages of the Chaos.

People who live in Triscot are referred to as "Triscans."