The Treasury Department (or TD) is a governmental department of First Nation, overseen by Congress. It officially came into operation on 8 Sp'gin, LY 905. It consists of various officers appointed by Congress, and is headed by the Director of the Treasury, who is appointed by the monarch (from among the High Councillors). The current Director is Grigory Manager.

One duty of the TD is the production of coins, in federal mints located in First Village, Tonad, and Kimrin. (Mints previously existed in these and every other village on The Land; the establishment of the TD required all mints besides these three to cease production.) Another duty of the TD is the regulation of the country's banks. The TD is also responsible for the collection of taxes; for the first two years that taxes were collected (903-904), however, there was no such department, and the distribution of taxes to the appropriate funds was overseen by bank trustees. For the first three years (903-905), taxes were collected once a year; but beginning after Tax Day in 905 (see Holidays of the Land), taxes would be deducted from workers' pay each pay period. Tax Day would thereafter be a time for citizens to submit requests for the TD to return a portion of the taxes paid throughout the year, if they believed they had overpaid. Conversely, at any time of year the TD may audit individuals who they believe may have underpaid. Another duty of the TD was the conducting of a census once every ten years, the first one being in 905.

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