Human male, born LY 866, in Ship. Died 903, in Triscot. spirit-talker. Husband of Gaiya.

Toros (pronounced tôr·ōs) was a spirit-talker in Ship, where he first met Adam. In 892, he moved to Jump Village, where he met a woman named Gaiya. The two were married in 897, and soon afterwards, they moved to Triscot, where Toros had received an offer to become the new bishop. The old bishop, Kellan, had recently moved to another village, and none of Triscot's vice-bishops seemed a satisfactory replacement. Adam, who was active in the local church community, recommended his old friend from Ship. After moving to Triscot, Toros and Gaiya soon became practically a part of Adam's clan. In 902, when Bishop Therman of Plist broke away from The Order and started the Protestant Movement, Toros soon joined the Protestants, thereby losing his position as the Order's bishop in Triscot, but he immediately became the village's Protestant bishop. Upon Therman's death in 903, Toros was being considered to replace him as Protestant Arch-bishop, though that position ultimately went to Drag. Later that year, Toros and Gaiya were both among the Protestants gathered on Adam's estate for the Battle of Triscot; they both lost their lives in that battle, along with most of Adam's clan.

Following the death of Toros, the position of Protestant Bishop of Triscot went to Nathaniel Rook.

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