Human male, born 4 Aut'mo', LY 905, in Triscot, to Kuris and Lucia. Brother of Luni, Kar, Matz, and Brit.

Toreador (pronounced tôr·ē·ə·dôr; who goes by the nickname "Tor") was the middle of Kuris and Lucia's three children to be born in Triscot. His eldest brother, Luminari, and younger sister, Britannia, were all born in their father's home village of Kurok. Though it is common to say that Tor and his brothers Karamazov and Mattelius were all born while their clan was in hiding, following the Battle of Triscot in 903, in fact Tor was the first of his siblings to be born in hiding; Kar was actually born two months before the battle. The public was led to believe that prior to the battle, the entire clan's children had been secreted away to various foster homes, and that the adults of the clan had been killed in the battle. However, this was learned to be false on both counts, when the clan came out of hiding in 912, shortly before the Chaos War. After the war, Kuris and Lucia moved, with their four children, back to Kurok. After having spent his life using the surname "Lonewander", they found that Kuris's clan was using the name "Aletheia" (ə'lēth·ē·ə), which Kuris, Lucia, and their children all switched to, themselves. In 913, Tor and his brothers began attending a local school.

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