Human male, born LY 863, in Sorret, to Mae and Shaw. Older brother of Azura Blue. Psychotherapist; co-founder of the Royal Asylum.

Tobias has always had a fascination with the human mind, which naturally led him to his chosen field of study. He completed his training in 893, at the age of 30, and began seeing patients immediately. Over the years, he developed a reputation as one of the best people in his field. At some point during the Coming of the Order, he met Demos, who would later become king. (It is unclear whether this was while Demos was still just a trader, or if their meeting came after he became a political candidate.) After the Laser Plot, Demos suggested to the police that certain prisoners should be treated by psychotherapists, and he invited Tobias to First Village, to analyze Vanya Petard. (There were perfectly qualified psychotherapists already in First Village, but Demos wanted the best. However, Tobias didn't take him up on his invitation until after Demos was inaugurated in 905.)

In 904, when the surname law was passed, Tobias chose the name "Blue," in honor of his sister Azura. While he claimed it was an attempt to mend his relationship with her (after a fight having to do with her joining LandOrder), Azura believes he chose the name as a way of taunting her.

In 912, Tobias co-founded The Land's first asylum with William Stream-of-Consciousness. This was a project which Tobias and Demos (as well as some associates) had been planning for several years. Ironically, Demos himself would eventually become one of the asylum's patients, after he was deemed mad. In 916, it would be discovered that Tobias had continued working for Demos even after the former king's admittance. Following this revelation, the doctor would be stripped of his position and admitted as a patient himself, under the supervision of the asylum's co-founder.

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