Threenuts have been known on The Land since the time of Connor and Brigid. They are grown predominantly in First Village, Triscot, Woodstockade, and Ristar. They are known to be almost exactly like Terran peanuts (which are not known to exist on The Land), except for two or three details. First, they grow on trees rather than underground (as such they are true nuts, unlike Earth's peanuts, which are legumes). Also, threenuts always come 3 to a shell, unlike peanuts, which can have varying numbers of "nuts" within each shell. It's also known that some people on Earth are allergic to peanuts, though as of yet, there are no recorded cases of anyone on the Land having threenut allergies.

Threenuts can be eaten straight from the tree (after removing the shells), or they can be roasted. They can also be made into threenut butter, which is used as a spread on sandwiches, a filling in some chocolate candies, or baked into cookies. It is also made into a confection called threenut brittle. Another product of threenuts is threenut oil, which can be used for deep-frying, oil lamps, or the production of soap.

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