Human male, born LY 882, in Triscot. General of the Allrat Fellowship's military.

The street rat who calls himself "The Vole" is actually named Michel, though most people who know him are unaware of that, and those who are aware almost never refer to him by it. He has no surname, though after meeting Tiejo Streetrat in 912, he decided that if he ever did choose a surname, it would probably be 'Streetrat.' He's been a street rat his whole life, raised by parents who were also street rats. In his early teens, Michel was known as a small but scrappy fighter, which is what led him to adopt the nickname "Vole." (As on Earth, voles on The Land are smaller than rats, though unlike Terran voles, Landian ones secrete acid from their claws. This trait is primarily used for tunneling, though it can be used as a defensive mechanism against predators. Like Landian voles, Michel was tougher than he looked.) In his later teens, Michel had a growth spurt, and ultimately reached a slightly above average height. In spite of this, he has retained the name 'Vole.'

While he remains quite good at fighting when necessary, the Vole is known by his friends to be clever and wise, and to prefer diplomatic resolutions to conflict, whenever possible. He's fond of any number of games, has a keen sense of humor, and rarely thinks of the life of a 'rat as anything to be pitied or resented, but rather a life of leisure and freedom. He's always been good at making friends, who tend to think of him as a de facto leader. His natural leadership skills helped him organize the 'rats of Triscot in 912, when asked by Tiejo for help should he and his friends in The Chaos ever call for it. (He coordinated his efforts with Arnold Sullenhest, who was in contact with groups of 'rats in various villages.) Later that year, the Vole was given a temporary commission as sergeant by Poss Primus. He and his followers fought in the Chaos War, at the Battle of First Village.

After the war, he helped Tiejo organize the Allrat Fellowship, and became General of the Allrat Army.

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