The Agency is a major single-village gang, located in Jump Village, first formed in 899. Its don is Zachl Haventhorp, though few if any other members are known to the authorities; or if they are, the authorities look the other way. The gang is believed to consist almost exclusively of dealers and thieves, with relatively few enforcers. It most likely also includes at least a few Sorreters, Adults, and apothecaries. It mostly caters to members of wealthy and powerful clans, who have enough contacts in the village council and local police department to ensure that the gang which supplies them with black market drugs and merchandise are rarely if ever prosecuted. Though nowhere near as powerful as LandOrder or InterGang, the Agency's niche is one which seldom if ever coincides or interferes with the business of the larger gangs, and therefore there there is no rivalry with them, thus ensuring the continued successful operation of the smaller, local gang.

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