Temporaneous was technically the 18th village founded on The Land, in 859. However, because it was quickly abandoned, it is not generally thought of as a true village, and as such, Kimrin, founded in 879, is considered the Land's 18th village. (Obviously, this means whatever number is bestowed upon any villages founded after Kimrin is also technically off by one.) Temporaneous is located on the northern coast of Atlast Land, at roughly 53° south latitude and 117° west longitude. It is located at the easternmost edge of an unnamed forest which covers slightly more than half of the north coast of Atlast Land, and is situated directly on the border between West Ocean and East Ocean.

Temporaneous was settled by a five-ship expedition, which set out from Shipsister in late 858. Its name derived from the word "extemporaneous," the "ex" being dropped by the settlers to suggest the additional meaning of "temporary." The year after the village was settled, the expedition continued sailing south, until they discovered First Ice. At that point, they decided against further exploration. After a stop for rest and resupply at Temporaneous, they returned to Shipsister, and attempted to recruit more people to bolster the settlement, but failing to find much interest, one ship was sent back to Temporaneous to tell those they'd left behind that no more settlers would be coming. And so the settlement was abandoned, with those who had initially remained now returning to Shipsister. There are no records of anyone else ever visiting the abandoned settlement.

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