Telepathy is, in theory, the practice of communicating using only the mind. This is known to be possible for spirits, and in a very crude way the potential can be utilized by spirit-talkers. It is believed that this potential exists within the minds of all Landians, and perhaps all sentient beings in the Universe. However, learning to use this potential to any significant degree would require tremendous effort and training, and seems unlikely to happen for the foreseeable future, if ever. There are rumors that some Sorreters may have made an effort to learn telepathic techniques which are at least slightly more advanced than the basic signaling done between spirits and spirit-talkers, though this has not been confirmed, and certainly there is no evidence of any success in such endeavors. One more specific rumor is that among merfolk, practitioners of witchcraft developed telepathy as an alternative to the "sign language" that they are known to use underwater, and that during the Coming of the Order they may have taught the technique to Protestant Sorreters. It's also been speculated that Drag's "universal translation" spell may have aided the Protestant Sorreters either in developing telepathy on their own, or in learning it from merfolk.

In spite of the fact that there is no evidence of true telepathy existing among any of the Land's sentient races, the concept remains popular in certain fantasy stories, both of Landian and off-world origin.