Tanq is the twelfth village to be founded on The Land, in LY 380. It is situated on the southeast coast of Near Land at roughly 11° north latitude and 144° west longitude. Its population as of the 905 census was 26,006 humans. It lies at the northeast corner of Tanq Forest, which boasts the nearest large population of wild unicorns to any village on the Land.

Tanq is chiefly known for being the last village founded during the period of rapid expansion following the founding of Ship, which lasted between 361 and 380, and the first village founded on Near Land. When settlers from various villages on First Land decided to found Triscot in 771, Tanq was the gateway, the starting point of their exploration. To this day it remains an important port for anyone wishing to move to or visit Triscot. However, Tanq also boasts a thriving fishing industry. It also played a vital role in the founding of Shanty in 903, and the raising of the Protestant navy that year.

In 913, Tanq was one of three villages (along with Plist and Jump Village) to join Triscot in establishing the United Villages of the Chaos following the Secession Referendum. Since that time, it has served as the headquarters of the Chaos Navy.

People who live in Tanq are referred to as "Tanquers" (pronounced "Tankers").

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