Human female, born LY 896, in Triscot, to Lauren and Johann. Oldest sister of Anastasia, Mireille, Ulrich, Ricardo, Herschel, and Vladimir. Jack of all trades

Suzu's father, Johann, comes from a clan that exclusively grows white corn, as opposed to the more common yellow variants. Johann himself is believed to have produced the first white tortilla chips on The Land, beginning in 908. But even before that, in 904, his clan chose the surname 'Whitecorn' because of the crops they grew.

Suzu's mother, Lauren, comes from a clan that has always included masters in various academic fields, such as science, mathematics, history, philosophy, the arts, etc. Lauren herself is a historian and anthropologist, who taught at Triscot University. She is also a spirit-talker, though has never considered religion as a potential profession; mostly she talks to spirits to help her understanding of history on both the Land and other worlds such as Earth.

Suzu herself learned various things from both sides of her family (particularly her mother's), until the school system was established in 904, at which time she enrolled in the second grade, at the age of 7 (she turned 8 a bit later that year). She graduated primary school in 912, at the age of 16. She was never quite sure what she wanted to do with her life, and tried lots of hobbies over the years. During summer break between the two semesters of her final year of primary school, she joined a band called SNOW. However, in 913, rather than enroll at a university, she moved with her family to South Port, a new village of which her family were among the first wave of settlers. (Because of the move, the band was forced to break up, but it is believed by most people who know her that she wouldn't have stuck with it much longer even if she'd remained in Triscot.)

In the years since then, she has tried her hand at various jobs and more hobbies, learning from many different masters. She is apparently equally skilled at virtually everything she tries, and has yet to find a preference for any one thing over another. Because of this, she has no interest in attending a university, as she's not ready to choose a career. Perhaps she never will be.

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