Sushi refers to a dish which is popular on Earth, which is known to come in many more varieties there than are currently available on The Land, largely because a greater number of fish species are known there than here. However, there are also differences in the method of production of certain varieties. Technically, the only method of preparation of sushi on the Land would be referred to on Earth as "Nigirizushi." It involves wrapping vinegared rice in nori, with some type of uncooked fish either wrapped along with the rice, or set on top of the rice. Such fish, on the Land, commonly include squid, troutmon, or yellowtail. It is also common to include sliced, pickled ginger when serving sushi. Beverages served with sushi commonly include either sencha or types of alcohol called umeshu or nihonshu.

Sushi was first made in Sorret in LY 300, and remains more popular there than in most other villages, at least among humans; however, it is known to enjoy more widespread popularity among merfolk and elves.

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