This article is about the insect. "The Stags" was also the name of the gang which eventually became the Tanq branch of InterGang.

It is known that on Earth, the word "stag" is used to refer to males of some species of deer (which are not known to exist on The Land). However, there are also known to be certain species of Terran beetle called "stag beetles," so-named because their mandibles resemble the antlers of stags. While the Land itself has any number of species of beetles, only one of them would qualify as "stag" beetles. But unlike Terran stag beetles (which grow to about 2 to 5 inches), Landian stags may grow to between two and three feet in length. This much larger size led to the word "beetle" being dropped from their name (though of course they are still considerably smaller than deer stags would be).

Stags were first discovered in Valley Forest, near Shoot River, in 152. However, one of the earliest Landian Märchen (believed to have originated in the second half of the first century), "Over the River and Through the Wood," made mention of nearly man-sized bugs. The bugs were one of several aspects of the tale which were thought to have been made up, though the later discovery of stags led to speculation that some early explorer may have encountered them, or that one or more stags may have somehow crossed to the west side of First River, several decades before humans first crossed to the east side. In later centuries, stags were also found to be living on the East Isles and in Tanq forest.

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