There are several different species of squid, some which grow to around 2 feet long and others which can grow to around 40 feet. Squid are cephalopods, a class of the mollusca phylum. They have eight arms and two tentacles, though it is not uncommon to hear the arms referred to as tentacles, as well. Squid were first discovered in LY 818 by a merman named Jax, who started a fishing business which supplies squid and other kinds of fish to both merfolk and humans. (Since it is the for fishing of squid that his clan are best known, they chose the surname "Calamari" in 904, in the third generation of merfolk. Calamari is a name for certain species of squid, though it is sometimes used interchangeably with "squid" in general.) It is more common to use the word "calamari" to refer to squid which have been cut into rings and deep-fried. Species of squid used for this dish are generally not more than 12 inches in length.

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