Sprayberries were first discovered on Rain Isle in 884, when the village of Port was founded. Though some farming of the berries has been done in Near Port since that village's founding in 897, Port remains The Land's leading producer of sprayberries. The berries' name derives from the fact that for much of their growth cycle, the interior of the berry is liquid, enclosed by a thin, easily punctured skin. If picked too early, the berries may easily be squished between a finger and thumb, thus spraying out their contents. However, as the berries mature, the skin becomes slightly tougher, and the internal liquid gradually becomes pulpy, and finally somewhat firm, when fully ripened.

The red berries, which spirits have said bear a flavor somewhere between that of Terran cranberries and blackcurrants, are harvested in autumn. They may be used in baking, flavoring tea, made into juice, sauce or jelly, and in brewing lambic.

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