Human male, born 18 Su'mo', LY 872, in Triscot. Husband of Athak, father of Joss, Thew, and Lia. Spirit-talker.

Spivin (pronounced spĭ·vĭn; who goes by the nickname"Spiv") was always active in one of the churches of Triscot, and it was at an inter-parish event that he first became acquainted with Athak, who he would eventually marry, in 895. The two of them had two sons and a daughter together, born in 896, 897, and 902.

In 902, Triscot's bishop, Toros, joined the Protestant Movement, and was soon joined by Spivin, as well as certain members of the extended clan into which he'd married. Spivin played an active role in the Movement, and was on track to become a vice-bishop among the Protestants. However, before this could happen, Toros was killed at the Battle of Triscot in 903. It was also believed that most of Spivin and Athak's clan had perished in the battle. Sadly, this included Athak, though it would be learned in 912 that some members of the clan, including Spivin and his children, had survived and been in hiding for nine years. When they rejoined society, the new Protestant Bishop, Nathaniel Rook, made Spivin a vice-bishop. It is believed by many that Spivin may someday replace Rook in this position.

While most of the clan chose the surname "Lonewander" when they came out of hiding (as it had been chosen in 904 by Darius Lonewander and West Lonewander), Spivin and his children (of whom his sons are both spirit-talkers, as well) chose the name "Protestant," which is common with many people who supported the movement during the Coming of the Order, especially Protestant spirit-talkers.

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