Human male, born LY 883, in Kurok. Spy in the Pritt branch of LandOrder.

in 897, at age 14, Spike joined a local Kurokish street gang called the Ruffians. Two years later, inter-village gangs began forming, and almost all gangs around the world, whether they were independent or part of the emerging alliances, began changing their natures, becoming more serious about crime than they ever had been before. This led to police in every village taking gangs more seriously, and cracking down on them. In early 900, a gang war started in the neighboring village of Pritt, with various gangs vying for dominance, so that the victorious one might join one of the new inter-village gangs. Tired of the increased action the local police were taking against them, most of the gangs in Kurok (including the Ruffians) decided to band together and move to Pritt, planning to wipe out all the gangs of that village and establish themselves as the dominant super-gang, thinking that the gang war must have weakened the Prittian gangs. However, the Prittian gangs responded by banding together into a super-gang, themselves, to repel the invaders. Many of the Kurokish gangsters were killed, and those who survived fled back to Kurok, where they either gave up on being gangsters, or joined the one gang that had stayed behind, the Rapscallions. The Prittian super-gang, meanwhile, joined LandOrder.

However, Spike had no desire to return home in defeat. Instead, he chose to remain in Pritt, and joined the newly established branch of LandOrder, as a spy. He wasn't trusted by the local gangsters, at first, since they had been his bitter enemies, for the brief time that the invasion had taken place. But after awhile, he managed to convince them that all that really mattered to him was being on the side of whatever gang was the toughest and smartest. And clearly, that was not his old gang. So they hired him on a trial basis, and over time he gained their trust. Since then, he has continued to prove his value and his loyalty to LandOrder.

In 904, when the surname law was passed, Spike chose the name 'Newbegin,' which was representative of the new life he had begun after moving to a new village.

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