The name "spicebulb" refers to a uniquely Landian variety of onion, which is thus far the only type of onion discovered on the Land. They were first discovered on Jump Isle in 374, about two years after the founding of Jump Village. The name of the plant derives from the fact that its bulbs, which grow underground, can be used as a flavoring for various dishes, when chopped, diced, minced, or ground into a powder. The flavor is said by spirits to be something like a mixture of similar bulbs from Earth, including red onions and garlic, with a strong hint of oregano (an herb in the mint family). None of these flavors are known to exist independently of one another on the Land. Spicebulbs may be combined with other ingredients such as basil tomatoes to make salsa, pasta sauce, or various other sauces. They may also be used in salads, as a pizza topping, on hamburgers, etc. Spicebulb rings may be deep-fried and served as a side dish, and chopped spicebulbs are often used as an ingredient in various cooked dishes, along with meat and vegetables.

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