One of three citrus fruits thus far discovered on The Land, all of which have been known since the time of Connor and Brigid. These fruits grow on trees which are common throughout the tropical regions of the Land. Sou'cit is a contraction of "sour citrus." It has a green peel surrounding a pulpy, greenish-yellow edible interior. Because of its sour taste, it is not commonly eaten plain. However, it can be sweetened and made into juice, sou'citade, or soft drink. It is also a popular flavoring for tea (whether iced or hot). The peel (also called the "zest") may be scraped off and used as flavoring, in marmalade, or baked goods, sorbet, candy, and some kinds of alcohol (such as seasonal beers, liqueur, or mulled wine).

Sou'cit is known to be a cross between Terran lemons and limes, two fruits which are not currently known to exist on the Land. It is sometimes called "sou'citfruit" or "limon" (also, less commonly, spelled "lymon.")

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