Sorret is the third village founded on The Land, in LY 271. It is situated on on the west coast of First Land at roughly 7°south latitude (within the tropic zone) and 141° west longitude. Its population as of the 905 census was 39,789 humans and 905 elves. It is bordered to the north and south by Sorret Forest. Its first Chief Councillor was Durell Turner (905-907, 908-910, 911-912).

The idea for the founding of the village came in 270, when Murray and Jess of First Village first conceived of the possibility of people practicing magic. They asked a spirit-talker named Sol if such a thing would be sacrilegious. The spirits who he asked about this said that it would be acceptable, and so, Murray, Jess, and Sol organized a group of settlers from First Village and Tonad (including several other spirit-talkers), to found a new village, where they might study magic, with the help of spirits. Construction of the village was completed the next year, including Sorret Magic Academy, and the Council of Magicks was established. Since the Coming of the Order, Sorret's chief export has been spell devices which can be used by anyone, for various purposes.

Sorret was one of the original 20 villages of the Second Order, beginning in 904. However, in the Secession Referendum of 913, it voted to become sovereign. To date, it is the only village to do so (discounting West Ocean). Since seceding from the Second Order, the village has been governed by a Cabinet.

Those who practice magic are referred to as Sorreters, though this term is also sometimes (incorrectly) applied to anyone who lives in Sorret, many of whom do not practice magic, but rather other necessary jobs. The proper term for anyone who lives in Sorret (magic users or not) is "Sorretians" (pronounced "So-ree-shans").