Human male, born LY 882, in Shipsister. Bubblecaster and co-host of 200 Centhours.

Soren's family owns a plantation of pine trees, which began as a small grove planted by their ancestors soon after the founding of the village in 370. In the centuries since then, it has grown to be the largest producer of timber and wood pulp in Shipsister. It's because of the plantation's humble origins that the clan chose the surname 'Pinegrove' in 904.

Soren has always been a great lover of music. He spent much of his youth listening to local bands as well as traveling bands who stopped in Shipsister. In 905, at age 22, he began traveling around the world himself, hoping to get a feel for the kinds of artists who remained in their home villages, and might play different styles than he'd ever heard. It was around this time that spell devices began being sold to the general public (they became more affordable, after first having been sold to wealthy non-Sorreters a few years earlier). Of particular interest to Soren were audio recording bubbles, which he used to record performances by various musical artists he met. Upon returning home in 908, he got a job booking musical acts for a local nightclub called "No Other Alternative" (the name of which is derived from the name of its proprietor, Noa Cantina). Soren stayed in touch, via t-mail, with various bands he'd met during his travels, and invited many of them to travel to Shipsister to play at the club. It also became an increasingly popular venue for local bands as well as those who had always toured between villages. And so, Soren developed a good reputation among the musical communities of just about every village on The Land, including some he'd never been to (but which artists he worked with traveled to).

In 912, when bubbles began being used for radio, Soren got a job as a bubblecaster. In 914, he co-created the bubble-screen show 200 Centhours with Lisa Donemore, a music journalist he'd met during his travels. Soren is sometimes credited with coining the term new wave, in 913, while others attribute the term to Lisa, and still others say they'd heard the term long before either one used it. Soren and Lisa themselves claim to be unsure which of them used it first, or whether they'd heard it before they started using it.

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