Sorcery is simply another way of saying magic. It is a term taken from Earth, which was not used to any great extent on The Land until the founding of Woodstockade in LY 773. Magic was first practiced upon the founding of Sorret in 271, and that village's magic-users came to be called Sorreters. When the First 50 Elves were banished, they wished to distance themselves from humanity in more ways than just geographically. For this reason, those elves who studied magic naturally refused to call themselves "Sorreters," and chose to call themselves "sorcerers," instead. (Female sorcerers are sometimes called sorceresses, though this distinction is not always made; and even if it is, it is always considered irrelevant in any practical sense, but merely done as a convention of semantics.)


Apprentices are the lowest level of sorcerers, who are still in training. This rank is precisely equivalent to apprentices among Sorreters.

Sorcerers may include levels equivalent to both adepts and master-adepts among Sorreters.

Second Sorcerer is the second most skilled and second-highest ranking sorcerer within the magical hierarchy of the elves. The first Second Sorcerer was Caina, until she became High Sorcerer in 792. At that point, Elf Chief Eller assumed the position of Second Sorcerer, until becoming High Sorcerer in 824.

High Sorcerer is the most skilled and highest ranking sorcerer within the magical hierarchy of the elves. The first High Sorcerer was Roderick, the human who had created the elves. Upon his death in 792, Caina became the second High Sorcerer. Upon her death in 824, Eller (the first Elf Chief) became the third High Sorcerer. Over the years since then, it has sometimes been the case that the Elf Chief would also be High Sorcerer, though not always. It is especially rare to become Elf Chief and High Sorcerer simultaneously, as was the case when Castor Des'Eller assumed both positions in 893. It should be noted that while all sorcerers, like all Sorreters, are technically spirit-talkers, there has never been as much organization among elven spirit-talkers as human ones. In fact, Woodstockade did not have a bishop until 904. And so, unlike Grand Sorreters, there is no tradition of High Sorcerers being spiritual leaders.

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