Human female, born 29 Aut'gin, LY 888, in Pritt, to Bailey and Eden. Older sister of Alfred (deceased). Businessperson and trader.

Sloane comes from one of the preeminent coffee-growing clans in Pritt. In 900, when she was eleven years old, her eight-year-old brother, Alfie, was accidentally killed in the crossfire of a gang war. (The exact cause of death was a fireball shot by a Sorreter.) This tragedy led to a hatred of gangs, and to Sloane's deciding to become a police. She dedicated the next several years of her life to training for this goal, studying law and swordsmanship, as well as various types of physical training. At age 15, in 904, when the school system was established, her placement tests put her in the tenth grade (the highest grade in primary school). She spent her summer break between semesters in Triscot, where she was taught the Chakra Over Mana sword technique by Jade Nishikigoi. In 905, she enrolled in Kurok University, graduating in 908. She had continued to study law, as well as criminology, forensics, philosophy, and other subjects, mostly related to detective work. However, she majored in business (per the wishes of her family), which is the type of degree she received. While she still planned to apply to the Pritt Police Department, she agreed to her parents' request that she first take some time to work for the family business, and see how she liked it. Since 909, she has served as her family's representative aboard the merchant ship Beka's Blade. It is unknown whether her plans to join the police have been permanently abandoned.

In 904, shortly before the surname law was passed, Sloane's aunt Morgan married a Ristafar man named Malabar, thus uniting two families which had long done business together. For nearly two generations, the Prittian and Ristarian companies had co-marketed a blend of their respective coffees, called Mocha Java (a term derived from Earth). After Morgan and Malabar united the families, both sides chose to take the surname "Mocha-Java."

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