Human male, born LY 893, in Tanq. Valet and actor.

The Tooblan Company is an acting troupe which is well known for travelling between villages, but a little-known fact is that some of the troupe's performers remain in their own village, and only perform with them when the troupe happens to be in town. Simon Parker is such a "part-time" performer, who could likely get a job acting with local troupes, but prefers to reserve that job for the more prestigious Tooblan Company. However, this part-time status is not enough to earn him a living, so when the troupe is not in Tanq, he works for a fancy hotel, NeoTerra, which caters to the nobility, one of various hotels around The Land which adopts concepts from other worlds, such as Earth. One such idea is paying people to park carriages; such employees are known by the subword "valet." It's because of this job that Simon chose the surname "Parker," much to the surprise of his friends, who thought surely he'd choose a name based on acting. However, Simon likes to say he's a little fish in a big pond when it comes to acting, but a big fish in a little pond when it comes to parking. No one has any idea what he's talking about....

Author's note: I'm linking to this page from the LandOrder article, because Simon is an Adult in that gang, as readers of my book will know; however, this article doesn't list that affiliation among his jobs, because he is not known by Landian authorities to be a part of the gang (if he was, he couldn't be an Adult).

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