Shoot River was discovered in 151. It branches off New River, which itself branches off First River. The point where Shoot River branches from New River is about 900 miles from where New River branches from First River. Shoot River runs for about 450 miles before ending. At the point where it branches from New River, it runs southwest for about 250 miles, before turning; the remainder of its course is more southerly. It was actually discovered prior to New River, though it wasn't named until later, after New River was discovered to be the longer of the two rivers, and a secondary branch of First River, making Shoot River a tertiary branch. Shoot River forms one of the boundaries of River Valley, along with First River, New River, and Valley Forest. There is a bridge across New River, just north of the point where Shoot River branches off. There is at this time no particular use for Shoot River, and no plans for any use of it.

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