Shanty was established in LY 903, though to this day it is still not officially recognized as a village. It is situated on the west coast of Near Land at roughly 25° north latitude and 148° west longitude. It is about 200 miles west of Triscot. Its population is unknown, and it is suspected that most of its inhabitants were never included in the 905 census. The community is considered independent of any government, and there is not known to be any active police department in the area. Nor is Shanty considered sovereign in any strict sense, as it is not believed to have any kind of self-government.

The main reason for the establishment of Shanty was as a secret gathering place for the Protestant navy during the Coming of the Order. Most of its residents hailed from Triscot or Tanq, though many likely also came from places sympathetic to the Protestant Movement, such as Jump Village and Plist. It was also here that representatives of the merfolk's Marine Corps engaged in most of their dealings with the Protestant navy, to coordinate efforts against the Navy of what would become the Second Order. In the years since the war ended, the port is known to have become a gathering place of pirates. Because of this, it is also known that no gangs have ever considered expanding into the community. In a case of history repeating, when The Chaos was looking to raise a navy in 912, they sought the help of pirates (many of whom were formerly members of the Protestant Navy). In spite of the fact that Shanty is best known for harboring pirates, it should be noted that there are also any number of honest residents living there, doing honest work of various natures, such as fishing, farming, shopkeeping, etc. Why such people choose to live in a place like Shanty surely varies from person to person. Some may have their own reasons for wanting to avoid normal society (the reasons for this may be legitimate or shady). Some may simply not have enough money to live elsewhere. (It's interesting to note that such people in other villages might become Rats, but while they can eke out a living in Shanty without becoming homeless, there are nevertheless many 'Rats in Shanty who cannot get by, in spite of the lower standard of, and cost of living there.)

While the existence of Shanty lost its secrecy by the end of the Coming, it is still not a matter of common knowledge. Most citizens of Triscot presumably are aware of it, but in other villages there are relatively few people who have heard of Shanty, largely because it fails to appear on most maps.

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