Passed on 12 Su'yet, LY 913, by the Triumvirate of the United Villages of the Chaos, this law was soon also adopted by Sorret and West Ocean. It states that any mythical creatures which had previously been deemed "semi-intelligent" in the intelligence classification system, would henceforth be considered fully intelligent, and therefore granted all the same rights as humans, elves, and merfolk (the three races originally classified as fully intelligent). The law did not, however, require any of the races affected by the law (including I-dragons, gryphons, harpies, unicorns, kappa, ogres, goblins, and orcs), to be counted as citizens of any nation or government. Individuals of any such race would be allowed to apply for citizenship, if they so desired, but the races as a whole would be free to govern themselves. Most importantly, no such creature could legally be treated as an animal, but rather as a person. This did not simply give them equal rights; it also meant that if they broke any laws, they would be treated as criminals. This necessitated the establishment of extradition treaties with their respective races, in some cases. There were other implications of the law, as well, including eventually establishing trade agreements with these races.

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