The Secret Service is the intelligence agency of the United Villages of the Chaos, established in LY 913. The current director of the Secret Service is Jasp Underground. The agency is equivalent to the Federal Intelligence Bureau of First Nation and the (rumored) Ministry of Shadows of the sovereign village of Sorret. Most members of the Secret Service are not known to be such, by people outside the agency, as knowledge of their employment in the agency would, obviously, negate their usefulness as spies. The precise organizational structure of the agency is unclear, other than its being headed by a director (also known as the "chief spy"), and presumably there are one or more assistant directors, and any number of other agents. The purpose of the Secret Service is to keep the Triumvirate informed of any matters of national security, both within and outside of the country. The nature of the operations carried out by agents of the Secret Service, for purposes of information gathering and counterespionage, is unknown, though it is assumed that agents are required to conduct themselves within the bounds of the laws that govern all citizens.

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