Human male, born LY 69, in what would later be called First Village. Died 141. Farmer and spirit-talker. "The Book of Sayid" is the fifth book of the O'Gas.

Sayid was one of the first six spirit-talkers on The Land, who were led by Brist in spreading the concept of religion, starting around 105, when they began compiling the O'Gas. While Sayid's book in O'Gas contains much in the way of moral philosophy, he is perhaps best remembered for introducing pasta to this world, when one of the spirits he knew was surprised, in 104, to learn that God had never taught Landians how to make it. However, pasta did not attain its current popularity until the discovery of basil tomatoes, two and a quarter centuries after Sayid's death, allowed for the creation of tomato sauce, a topping which the spirit who taught him to make pasta hoped might one day become available on the Land.

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