SNOW is a band that formed in Triscot in the summer of LY 912. The band's name is an acronym consisting of the first letter of each member's first name: Suzu, Naga, Ophelia, and Wendy. Their first public performance was in a talent competition on 6 Su'yet, at a nightclub called Whist. While their performance was well-received by the audience, they lost out to The Cephalopods. However, their popularity quickly grew, and they booked quite a few paying gigs throughout the remainder of the year. They were in negotiations to record a bubble album; however, the band broke up before plans could be finalized, due to Suzu's family moving to South Port in early 913. SNOW's style is said by those who saw them play to have been similar to the new wave sound of bands like the Cephs, but slightly more traditional. (It is unknown if Ophelia and Wendy will consider seeking new members to start their band up again, or if they intend to go on to non-musical careers after finishing university.)

Members of the bandEdit

  • Naga Hyperborea: Pipa-player. Nothing is known about Naga, whom Ophelia and Wendy have said they first met during auditions when they were forming the band, and who apparently disappeared not long after the band broke up. They say she never talked about herself, so all they knew was that she was a good musician. They also say she called her instrument a "pipa," which is apparently a Terran subword. The instrument is not known to exist on The Land, aside from the one played by Naga; it's unknown how she came by it. Those who heard her play (band mates as well as fans) say it looked like a lute, but sounded more like a sanxian.
  • Ophelia Yakhchal: Drummer. Born 896. (Plays tenor drums and yunluo.) Her surname derives from the fact that her family owns a chain of yakhchals (see refrigeration) and sell ice to various businesses (such as restaurants, spirit-makers, ice cream parlours, etc.), as well as to individuals. Ophelia co-founded SNOW with her best friend, Wendy, and it's believed that her family's business is a secondary reason for the band's name.
  • Wendy AzukiKakigori: Cellist. Born 896. Her surname derives from the fact that her family owns an ice cream parlour that specializes in shaved ice (kakigori being a Terran subword for this), and her parents' favorite flavor is azuki. Her best friend since early childhood is Ophelia, whose family sold ice to her family, and who were in turn among Wendy's family's most loyal customers at their ice cream parlour. Since both girls were musicians, they decided to form a band, and auditioned other potential members, finally choosing Suzu and Naga.

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