Rubber trees were first discovered on South Isle shortly after the founding of Toobay in LY 364. They were found by a spirit-talker named Jerome, who was informed by one of the spirits he knew what the plants were called on Earth, and that the latex they produced could be a valuable resource. However, the spirit didn't detail how to refine this product, a process which was soon developed by Landian scientists on their own. Since that time, both rubber and rubber trees have become an important export of Toobay, and rubber itself has become important in any number of ways, including the making of clothing such as shoes, boots, gloves, swimshirts (worn by some merfolk), and wetsuits (used by divers and surfers; also used in scubsuits). Rubber is also used in elastic bands, balloons, hoses, mechanical belts, balls (such as those used in Fairball), etc. There have been some recent experiments adding rubber to cover wheels on carriages, particularly those using an internal enchantment engine.

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