The Royal Orchestra was formed in LY 905, shortly after the inauguration of Demos Royal as the first monarch of the newly established Second Order. Demos personally commissioned the assembly of the orchestra, to serve as his personal entertainment, most commonly performing in his own throne room. (It's said he was inspired by the Woodstockade Philharmonic.) Over the years, he often invited various members of the nobility as well as of the World Council to join him in attending their performances. On the evening of 6 Sp'mo', 912, the Royal Orchestra helped inaugurate the newly established public address system, consisting of bubble-screens and bubble-speakers which had been set up throughout every village on The Land. After a speech by King Demos on the PA system, the orchestra performed their first ever concert to be enjoyed by the masses, as well as just those who were highly placed in society. They gained immediate worldwide popularity, which continued even after Demos himself was deposed, following the Chaos War which occurred later that same year. Also in 912, they played at the inauguration of Quinn Darkstrider, as an accompaniment to the Land's first fireworks display.

The orchestra now spends most of its time traveling between villages. In 916, they provided backing music on "Royal/Rabble," the third album by Black Radly.

The style of music played by the Royal Orchestra is referred to either as classical or "symphonic." Musical instruments used by the Royal Orchestra include two fifes, four hautbases, two Frinn horns, two trumpets, two timpani, one set of tenor drums, one bass drum, one taiko, four violins, three cellos, one harp, one duré, and one dulcimer. On occasion, other instruments may be added, such as the zurna, shakuhachi, ocarina, bodhrán; there are also some performances which utilize less than the orchestra's complete standard roster.

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