Human male, born LY 881, in First Village. Chief spy of LandOrder's First Village branch.

When Roger, the future don of LandOrder's First Village branch, first formed his "Con Brigade," Roark (rōrk) was only nine years old, but he was already an accomplished pickpocket, sneak thief, and occasional con artist. He'd been orphaned two years earlier, and so became a street rat. He quickly learned to take care of himself, and by the time Roger met him in 890, he had nearly saved up enough money to buy himself a small home. Roger was impressed with the boy's wit and skill, and gave him a part-time position in his group. By the time Roger became one of the founding members of LandOrder in 899, Roark (who was 18 at the time) had risen to become one of Roger's most trusted and valued employees. And so, he was given the new position of chief spy.

When the surname law was passed in 904, Roark chose the name "Kidman," which alluded to the fact that even though he was now an adult, he still felt like a kid. It also reflected his feeling that gangs were much the same: since the early days of the Coming of the Order, gangs had grown up, become more serious than ever before, but at the same time, they had once been just kid stuff, and in some ways, they still were. People used to outgrow the desire to be in gangs, but these days, gangs had become a permanent career for many people.

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