Rice is one of the many foods that have been known on The Land since the time of Connor and Brigid, and which is also known to exist on Earth. Various cultivars have been discovered in areas around First Land, as the continent has been explored over the centuries. It is unknown whether them are precisely the same as Earth's cultivars, but they are assumed to be similar. Some types of rice may be grown in dry fields, or on flooded parcels of land called paddy fields. After it is harvested, it is sent to threshing mills. After the husk is removed from the grain, the product is known as brown rice; further milling to remove the bran results in white rice. Some white rice may then be sent to grist mills, to make flour.

Rice may be cooked by various methods such as boiling, steaming, or stir-frying. It may be used to make breakfast cereals, crackers, sushi, Nihonshu, pudding, vinegar, mochi, dango, and as an ingredient in various other dishes.

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