Human male, born LY 851, in Sorret. Died 881, in Monab. Husband of Olwyn; father of Gillian Mancer. Sorreter.

Rhys (pronounced rēss) became an apprentice Sorreter in 861, and graduated to adept status in 870. The following year, he joined an expedition to map one of The Land's unexplored continents, the second such expedition since 853. His primary role was piloting and maintaining the flying wagon that had been lent to the expedition. During the expedition, he befriended Maxwell, with whom he collaborated on a significant contribution to the science of cartography: a spell device called a null-distortion map. After the expedition was completed in 873, Rhys married a fellow Sorreter named Olwyn, whom he had dated for several years during their apprenticeship. In 876, they had a daughter named Gillian. In 877, Rhys attained master-adept status.

Rhys apparently took a liking to travel, during the expedition, and thereafter spent much of his time traveling between various villages. The majority of his time was spent in First Village, when not in Sorret. However, it was during the 881 Pilgrimage to Monab that he was apparently murdered. The culprit and the reason for his murder remain unknown. However, his daughter Gillian would years later become chief Sorreter of the Black Profits, and there has been speculation that if the gang secretly existed prior to 899, he may have been involved, possibly even chief Sorreter, himself. There are various wild theories concerning his death being somehow involved in the gang, though there's no evidence that the Black Profits even existed so long ago.

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